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Because although I loved that low waistband, by the last eight weeks of pregnancy, I was carrying so low that my stomach was constantly pushing my pants down AND it was hard to find shirts long enough to cover my stomach, so I suddenly found myself turning to my previously unloved homemade panel maternity jeans.

Whew, why do I always have so much to say before I get to the actual point?

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Note: I struggled with my first pair of homemade maternity jeans because they kept slipping down — I did two things to counteract that on this pair. Second, I put elastic at the top of the stretchy fabric to help hold them up. Full-length denim is just too heavy for the jersey to keep up on its own. Turn your shirt or tank top inside out and slide it down over the top of your jeans so your jeans are inside the tank-top as far as it will go. Cut away the top of the tank or shirt so that it lines up with the edge of your jeans all the way around.

But maternity jeans that will probably slide down every ten seconds. Very bad.

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Take the jeans back off, and carefully cut off the top off the shirt where you marked. Turn your pants inside out. Fold the top edge of the shirt over about 1. Pin it in place, and carefully sew shut with a small zig-zag stick all the way around, leaving a three inch opening on one side so you can insert the elastic. Wrap your elastic around the top of your stomach and cut to your desired length, leaving an extra inch.

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Pin one end of the elastic at the opening, thread the elastic through and then overlap the two ends and sew them securely together. I think the make-your-own jeans are brilliant, and wish I had had this post back when I needed such jeans. And I am amazed that it is really pretty easy to do, and they look great. I absolutely hate the low elastic waist band at every single point of pregnancy and post partum. Crazy, right?

And disappointing, because some cute maternity jeans only come with the low waistband.

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I made an attempt last year and it was a flop and I was glad it was with old unloved pants and an old undershirt. Go you for making two pairs and having them both be a success!! I mostly want to know where you got that shirt. Cause, you know, not planning on any more babies and I have no sewing skills.

Though I will add a vote here for the panel during the end of pregnancy. Brilliant and almost too easy.

If only I had jeans I wanted to cut. Now that was more than you needed to know.

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  • A kind of completely unrelated thing. Old jeans also make awesome quilts!

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    My mom made me one for Christmas and I love it! This is SO smart! So many maternity jeans are ugly — and this way you can make your own with cute jeans! This is great… however, my butt and legs also balloon up a bit too much to think my cute skinny jeans will work at any point past the 5-month mark of pregnancy! How exactly do you take care of the zipper?

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    I turned the jeans upside down, so the waist was at my knee, and the hem was at my waist. Then I used the tank, one size too small, to do the panel. That was my favorite jean skirt, especially at the end of my pregnancies. This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing! And did you remove the belt loops in the back or just sew through those too?

    And I left the belt loops on and sewed right through. This is brilliant! If I ever have a 2nd baby I am definitely making my own maternity pants. I literally wore the same two pair of jeans my whole pregnancy with my son.

    Make Your Own Maternity Jeans (Tutorial)

    I followed your instructions and "fixed" a pair this morning. I just tried this on Saturday with some jeans with a broken zipper and they turned out amazing!! Thank you so so much! Thank you so much for posting this. The old tank idea is genius!!! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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